The founders of LCI witnessed a rise in crime, violence, and destructive behaviors in communities by young people. Concerned by this trend, they met together to evaluate what helped them, as youth, to become effective leaders. They shared two common links: One was being involved in a leadership program which taught them the skills to respect, value, and work with others; secondly, community service was an essential part of their lives. They developed LCI with these core principles as their foundation. LCI trains people to be effective leaders through leadership camps, retreats, and community building workshops. LCI provides a safe and caring environment for youth and adults to gain the essential skills, values, knowledge, and behavior necessary for adult success and to be creative leaders.


LCI's board members and advisors reflect the diversity of their communities in ethnicity, gender, age, socioeconomic background, professions, and facilitation skills.

Eighty-five percent of LCI's volunteers were youth delegates at past leadership trainings. The organization created a system which empowers their volunteers to advance through training.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services or trainings, and especially if you're interested in becoming a volunteer.


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