LCI workshops are interactive and focus on reaching the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners.

These workshop’s combine different learning styles so students can actively participate and evaluate what they’ve learned and how they will use these skills for personal or community development. LCI trainers understand the Principles of Youth Development that assist students to become successful adults and the leaders of tomorrow.

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Sessions Overview  

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Train the Trainers

This series allows organizations to create a workshop for youth that is tailored to their community. Student leaders will be trained to conduct workshops for their peers.


Effective Communication

Focuses on understanding one-way, two-way communications, barriers n communications


Recipe for A Leader

Looks at leadership characteristics and how effective leaders LEAD to develop the attitude and skills for shared and servant leadership.


Group Dynamics (STEM)

Gives participants the skills needed to work with others. Build an empowered group that can articulate the goals and purpose and maintain the social and personality needs of the group. Workshop interactive activity can have a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math emphasize.


How to do a presentation

Outlines the steps for preparing a session or preparing for a presentation for an interview or speech before a panel such as a city council, scholarship or career interview.


Learning to Get Along

Builds on several sessions including Cultural Diversity, Stereotyping, Cultural Awareness and Cultural Fusion. Organizations can select an interactive activity or stimulation games like BaFa BaFa, RaFa RaFa or Star Power. LCI trainers will work with the organization to help them select the best option for community building.

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Planning A Special Event With Youth

Trains youth volunteers to understand the steps for planning an event. Workshop can be adapted to prepare students leaders for an upcoming event that they plan and implement.


STAR Project Planning

Simulates organizing an event, requesting funds and purchasing supplies for the project. Students plan the event and implement the event during the workshop.


Personal Goalsetting

Students learn how to set goals and develop a master plan while evaluating their past and present lives.

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Helping Youth Deal With Fear

Reviews the process on what happens to the brain in fear and how to take small steps to spur a creative mind.


Understanding the Teen Brain 

Provides an understanding of a teen’s brain and ways to help students in brain development through activities that help them prioritize, decision-making and impulse control for risk taking.


Values ClarificatioN

Session help students in prioritizing, value ranking and decision-making. Several sessions can be cluster for a workshop: Take a Stand, Cross the Line and Risk Taking.

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