We strive to empower people to become successful in the future.


Our Mission

More and more we live in a society characterized by dichotomous thinking and propagated fear

of “the other.” This creates a culture of scarcity, which breeds fear, which naturally leads to

discrimination, shame, hate, and violence. A world defined by hate and violence, regardless of

whether that hate and violence is closeted or institutionalized, ultimately results in a subjective

feeling of danger – that there is no where safe, that there is no one trustworthy, that life is

nothing more than a daily struggle for shelter and food. Human beings cannot thrive when their

basic needs are not met, which is the necessary result of a culture of scarcity and fear.

We believe there is enough – enough safety, enough security, enough resources for every human

person to not only meet their potential, but to thrive – to create meaning not just for themselves,

but for their families and for their communities. We teach sessions about unequal resources,

communication, conflict resolution, intercultural awareness, and mental health because we

believe that what is good for others is also good for us, and that as global citizens we are

responsible for actively creating systems that allow the members of our communities to move

beyond the struggle for survival and achieve meaning, purpose, and joy. Whether we are

working with immigrant students in Washington, D.C., or youth from the foster care system, or

young refugees from the Middle East, our purpose is the same – to teach them that there are

adults who care about their wellbeing, and to instill in them both the knowledge and the belief

that they can partner with those adults to move their families and their communities beyond the

point of scarcity and mere survival, to a place of meaning and purpose.

We believe that education, awareness, and community partnership are the most powerful tools

we have to effect positive change in the world, and our goal is to infuse our communities with

the resources to create systems that allow everyone to thrive.

Leadership Concepts training programs are guaranteed to motivate the individual, staff or volunteers who attend.  I’m most impressed with the interactive approach used during the learning process.  I highly recommend these trainers to any organization wanting an authentic approach to skills building…
— Leslie Fritz, CPRP Director of Education, California Park & Recreation Society.